Cazcarra Image Group is the protagonist of the last chapter of “Fem números?” TV show in Badalona. The headquarters of the Group Cazcarra was selected as one of the largest companies and the television channel visited our facilities to know at first, the operation of those. In the report, one can see many of the origins, values ​​and future plans of companies dominating the sector from the Director of Cazcarra Image Group, Carmen Cazcarra, and the group’s director, Victor Alfaro two exceptions testimonies to relive the trajectory of Group Cazcarra.

“Fem Números?” Is a news program that informs us of the economic situation of the city in a clear and pleasant manner. Its innovative side has made ​​him a contender for the price of the deputation of Barcelona and the prestigious «Zapping».

You can see the report of Cazcarra Image Group by TV Badalona clicking here.