Carmen Cazcarra, Director of Cazcarra Image Group, was the person in charge to present the first speech in the 3rd Congress of Image Consultancy, organised by APTI, last 21st November at the Barcelona Activa auditorium

Partner founder of this Professional Association of the image Consultancy, bet for a positive discourse where she assured that the Image Consultancy is already a profession nowadays.

As an introduction to her exposition, a video reflected the importance of the image for some popular historical people as El Che, Chaplin, Hitler, Kennedy, etc. At the moment, Carmen Cazcarra assured the usefulness of the Image Consultancy for all kind of publics and reviewed the posible professional opportunities.

For the consultants that start now, the director of the Cazcarra High School in Personal Image, encouraged them to overcome the lack of confidence, and improve the self-esteem, to be entrepreneurs and generous.

Carmen Cazcarra received from Mª Rosa Fortuny, ex general director of the Professional Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya, a commemorative plaque of the event.