Works totally exclusives, that consisted in the design and body make up on the bodies completely naked of the models.

Make up, frost and rhinestones were applied over the human crafts to create ephemeral and mobile art works, together with spectacular hair-dos, also designed and made in an exclusive and handmade way by Cazcarra professionals. The result was overwhelming.

After 22h at night, the show started, introduced by the showman Juan Jimeno. The work had already finished and the moment to show it before an expectant and crowded Pachà.

In order to value the work and the best results, a jury composed of important people was invited to this Big Party of Make up.

Together with the school director, MªCarmen Cazcarra, and the general manager, Víctor Alfaro, there were so well-known names as the announcers of the social chronicle Santi Maifrén and Hilario López Millán and the actress Amparo Moreno… Also other otstanding figures of the current cultural panorama: Carlos Dueñas (cinema director), Jaume Puig (televisión producer), Mercedes Guarné (painter), Ferrán Adolfo (Radio Nacional anouncer), Sílvia Dasca (Actress), Isabel Fernández (biologist), Merche Mar (actress), Eduardo de Vicente (cinema comentarist), Germán González (show host and producer) and Maite Carreras (show-woman).

At the catwalk models walked at the best musics rhythm wearing the 43 designs: Flying light, Between palms, The four seasons, Other worlds, Airs from the South, Dali stigmas… these are some of the examples. Each of them thought in a different topic and complemented by a fantastic interpretation on the scenario by the models.
The connection with the public was absolute, they applauded terribly each model and enjoyed with the colours of the fashion show.

The jurys evaluation was, in front of all the shapes and colours show, the best one. Everybody congratulated the participants and manifested the great surprise of the show. Also, the director Mª Carmen Cazcarra had occasion to congratulate the make up artists, models and the team.

After the show parade, the party kept going in the discotheque. The attendant public could enjoy the best music, and to dance with some of the most impressive make up models, that with no doubt, had the main relevance of the night.

¡Congratulations to everyone!