The end of the year gala producers of Telecinco, El año en Paz, chose the professional makeup line TEN IMAGE to makeup presenters and performers for the Gala. The quality and versatility of professional’s cosmetics and makeup products Cazcarra Image Group have attracted producers for this special event. Thus, millions of people in Spain have benefited of the spectacular image that brought a long list of national singers as Chenoa, Isabel Pantoja, Manu Carrasco, Estopa, The OBK or La Musicalidad, among others.

TEN IMAGE will also be present tomorrow at the special program organized by “Sálvame” to celebrate the eve of Reyes. Your hostess Paz Padilla and partners will be responsible of the distribution of cosmetics and professional makeup exclusive packs to the audience that is in the set. Thus, Cazcarra Image Group participates in the magical spirit that characterizes this festival so special.

Cazcarra consolidates its presence in the media as one of the most advanced professional brands of the moment

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