The delegation of the Cosmetic Line and Professional Makeup TEN IMAGE in London has been responsible for the makeup of the short film that has made the organization "Clic Sargent", dedicated to helping children with cancer. The main characters of the video, called "A Christmas Wish" look amazing thanks to the quality and versatility of TEN IMAGE makeup products, formulated to meet the needs of expert make-up from cinema, theater and television.

A Christmas Wish centers on a young man named Daniel. He's Christmas shopping with his mother when he sees a girl with a headscarf and who appears to be suffering from cancer. When they return home, Daniel looks casually a TV ad for children with cancer. Daniel then decides to write his letter to Santa to ask for his fire truck and also to ask Santa to help sick children with cancer.

Both Cazcarra Image Group, as their delegations, are very involved in charitable causes that contribute to the fight against cancer. Just a week ago, Cazcarra Image Group participated in the TV3 Marathon, the solidarity program organized annually by the Catalan regional television, this year dedicated to raising funds for research into this disease. Cazcarra Group is also involved in the initiative promoted by the Spanish Association Against Cancer – Solidarity in Companies dedicated to advancing cancer prevention in the companies.