Finally we created a spray gel that provides the most powerful, bright and durable on the market. Get a completely smooth finish, without tinkering with excellent adhesion and gloss dramatically since its first application to the make-up removal.

The TEN IMAGE Gel-Lacker is a makeup system highly resistant nails. This is a gel system that does not require construction of five products, which will provide you with a professional finish in just 30 minutes. Allow you to achieve, full-length French manicures and fills on the growth of the nail. Furthermore, the Gel-Lacker is fully respectful of the natural nail and removed very easily. It will be the nail growth which marks the moment of its quick and easy removal.

Gone are the chipped enamel and opaque finishes. Shine strong nails, shiny and resistant to TEN IMAGE! There is Available in 20 different colours ranging from reddish to green or metallic blue. Discover them on our website or call 93.303.48.60.

TEN IMAGE Gel-Lacker; probably the strongest and resilient.