Carnival arrives, the most fun and colourful all year Cazcarra and delivers a series of products that will be essential for the fantastic costumes and characterizations.

Discover the incredible results you can achieve with our range of makeup FX. Use the line of professional products to create special effects and characterization of surprise and shock to your costume. You can implement such hair; apply makeup or prosthetics to the body.

For a unique look choose between our imaginary eyelashes of all colours, including details of feathers, crystals or drawings. Dare!

Feel free to use stones and gel to give your makeup a sleek and sophisticated. Choose colours that best suits your character and thus obtain shines.

Cazcarra Image Group also has a number of kits with everything needed to create brilliant costumes. Choose from 9 different characterizations as makeup witch, vampire, devil or hippie. Of course, you let everyone mesmerized.

If you want to see proposals from professionals Cazcarra at the Carnival, you can do it through the program Trends on La VanguardiaTV, who recorded this video in our School of Makeup and special effects.

If you wish to purchase one of these or browse the rest of our catalog of professional makeup TEN IMAGE, visit our online catalog.

Let your imagination live with Cazcarra Image Group.