The Cazcarra Image Group is celebrating, in a very special way, its 25th anniversary on the aesthetic image sector: we are holding Success Training Congresses all over Spain, organizing and taking part in international events.
A professional Cazcarra team, lead by our alma mater, Carmen Cazcarra, went to Cochabamba (Bolivia) and organized several courses and activities for professionals on this field. Quite a lot of specialists from the aesthetic image world wanted to attend these courses in order to get further training and to enjoy our experts’ talent and professionalism.
For the first three days, more than 30 participants attended the Stylism and Social Make-up Course, held by our creative manager, Jordi Justribó.
Thereafter a Professional Make-up Master course was held, as well as demonstrations of Body Treatments given by Gemma Rueda, commercial adviser of the Cazcarra Image Group and responsible for technical product development in cosmetics.  
The Cazcarra Image Group Congres in Cochabamba culminated with a fantastic show of spectacular night and party make-up and our proposals for the fall – winter fashion 2010. Mrs. Carmen Cazcarra presented her last book, Stilism, a reference guide for Personal Image. The night ended with a gala cocktail where diplomas were handed out to all professionals who had taken part in the different activities.
The stay of the Cazcarra Image Group in Bolivia was a full success. Many communication media of the area showed their interest in our stay in Cochabamba and did not want to lose the opportunity to interview Mrs. Carmen Cazcarra. The activities we organized gave the participants an opportunity to learn and admire the work and techniques of our professionals which they will doubtless be able to carry out in their own beauty saloons. We are happy about their interest and collaboration during these days.