Spring starts with a Make-up Exhibition

Nov 4, 2020 | COMUNICACIÓN

Indisputable success of attendance of professional public to the exhibition organized by Cazcarra Image Group in its Badalona location. During this event, Cazcarra Image Group professionals introduced the latest news of this season to the attendees.
It is important to start preparing our skins for this new season, which is very sunny. For this reason, Cazcarra Image Group has introduced to the public the new face treatment called velvet skin, with pink quartz. Great for skins with red spots, rosacea or poor blood flow. The result is decrease of blush and a better tolerance to weather changes. The look of the face will be highly improved after application of different products of the face line TEN IMAGE.

In addition to the velvet skin treatment, Cazcarra Image Group professionals showed to the people the latest trends in make-up and nail decoration for this season. First, a make-up for aged skins was introduced, where green and brown colors in the eyeshadows were mixed, giving a spectacular image.  After that, a make-up with livelier colors was introduced, exclusively created for this time of the year. Finally, one of our nails specialists revealed the key element for this season: nails decorated by means of quick dry colored gels.

People were excited with this exhibition. they discovered new techniques and "professional tricks" to be able to create the most sophisticated image Cazcarra Image Group proposes for this season.
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