The participation of Cazcarra Image Group in the gateway Cosmobelleza & Wellness 2010 was unforgettable. Our professionals presented "Passion Dreams. Making your dreams come true " a creative and eye-catching spectacle inspired by the fantasy that with the collaboration of dancers, 15 models and the singers Sonia Madoc and Lourdes Savarese.

The visitors of the show, in which our team has shown great job of make-up, hairdressing and styling, have enjoyed a surprising staging, live performances, choreography and video projections.

The singer, actress and model Lourdes Savarese opened the show with one of his latest hits, the song "Zingara." Also, this recognized artist  worked as a model for some of the make-up demonstrations that Cazcarra Image Group organized during the weekend Cosmobelleza.

Then, our make-up artists, hairdressers and stylists showed on stage, how they work and the models defiled with the  impressive make-up and hairstyles.

We also had the participation of Sonia Madoc, who played her new song "Amazing." With his performance, this singer and a regular collaborator of  Cazcarra, marked the end of the show  and let all of visitans surprised and satisfied .

In our 25th anniversary we work to surprise you and offer the best of us day by day. For more information, please check our calendar for upcoming events, courses and demonstrations Cazcarra Image Group.