Cazcarra Image Group has organized the promotional dinner 2008-2010 of Image Consultants that have been trained in the High School of Personal Image Cazcarra.

The event was held in the OSHUM Club and was attented by Carmen Cazcarra, manager and alma mater of Cazcarra Image Group, Joan Hidalgo representing the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Jaime Juez, the president of Grupo Cosmobelleza and Victor Alfaro, the managing director of Cazcarra Image Group.

Also, at the main table of the gala dinner there were the renowned illustrator Ana Miralles, who has worked recently in the last book of Carmen Cazcarra Stilism, Raquel Tomás, general coordinator of Cazcarra Image Group and Raquel Martín, the manager of the Image Consulting Department of Cazcarra.

After the dinner Joan Hidalgo and Carmen Cazcarra handed out the certificates to the students, praised the work they have done throughout the course and wished them a bright professional future.

The image has become an essential necessity of our society and Personal Image Consulting is a profession with future. The image consultants of this promotion are introduced in the job market with a strong background and the illusion of working in an exciting world.