For another year, the dinner of promotion of the Image Advisors of the Superior School of Personal Image of Cazcarra Image Group was held. This year, it took place on June 11, at the restaurant called El gran café in Barcelona.

After dinner, the representative of the Departament d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Joan Hidalgo and Carmen Cazcarra, director and alma mater of Cazcarra Image Group praised the work performed by the students during the course, and wished them a brilliant professional future.

The Image Advisor occupation is already a profession in Spain. This person can work for personal clients or for companies, institutions, etc. Currently, this type of professionals work in different areas and we can find image advisors in publicity agencies, communications departments, boutiques, and fashion firms, beauty and aesthetic centers, hairdressers saloons, optic shops, TV and radio stations, events organizations companies, protocol departments of local entities, fashion magazines, or staff recruitment companies, among many other possibilities.