Cazcarra Image Group has celebrated the official launch of the Spring-Summer 2012 Fashion TEN IMAGE, POPart Beauty, headquartered in Badalona. Over 50 professionals have filled the showroom for the latest news featuring the line professional cosmetics and makeup TEN IMAGE.

For a special day, we attended the expert of the Cazcarra Cosmetic Academy, Irene Roca, responsible for submitting the new line of nails. This has made a Gel-Lacker workshop to show ways of more optimal application and removal of the product to participants.

Then, the economist and marketing expert Stephen Zuluaga, has made an interesting speech on how to increase revenue in the Hall of Beauty. Thus, the professional, who teaches at the Personal Image School, has offered the keys to deal with clients and lose their fear of selling; An interesting talk in the form of master class that will expand to Sales Techniques course the next 16 and April 23. Later we will offer you all the details of the training.

Finally, the makeup expert of Cazcarra Group, Anabel Knight, has presented new products that make up the Spring-Summer Fashion TEN IMAGE, POPart Beauty, in front of an expectant audience. One by one, they have reviewed the articles of cosmetics and professional makeup that make TEN IMAGE optimistic and colourful collection, then giving way to a demonstration of the looks you can achieve with POPart Beauty. The result has been excellent and our clients have been delighted with the quality and versatility of the new fashion.

And you still do not know is:  what’s new makeup line TEN IMAGE? See Online Catalogue all the information, prices and colour chart of all our products. Enjoy the benefits of TEN IMAGE, why you’re special.