Sure that among your list of resolutions for 2012 include the fact of losing pounds that you have caught this Christmas. Do not let your body pay the price of holidays. The countdown begins to get the perfect figure with the products of the professional cosmetics brand TEN IMAGE, and get rid of the fat that accumulates in the abdomen, thighs and gluteus.

Styling cream TEN IMAGE provides a deep massage and is rich in active lipolyptics, draining and firming. This emulsion is formulated with active ingredients that help to eliminate stored fat. This cream is easily absorbed and sweet fruity that leaves no oily deposit.

To strengthen its reducing action, we recommend you the Firming cream TEN IMAGE that will give you elasticity, firmness and hydration of the skin. It contains marine collagen, which provides resistance and helps to keep the skin soft and supple, gout kola extract, with its firmness and its restructuring properties, its firming and draining effect and its red algae gel, which has long-term moisturizing properties.

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