Make-up with very high sun protection (SPF-50)
The new Sun Protection Make-Up is a high sun protection make-up: SPF-50. It is applied as easily as cream, but it has a velvet dust finishing of long duration. It has Vitamin-E to fight against skin aging and is water resistant.

Ultra-volume Lip-gloss (Glamorous Look Collection)

Lip gloss that, thanks to a specific formula, improves lips microcirculation, promoting volume and therefore, mouths sensuality. A slight tickling indicates the volume effect action. It is featured in three bright and becoming colors: pink, red and transparent gloss.

Eyelashes extension implant

To have long, dense and natural eyelashes. These are semi-permanent eyelashes, water resistant, with certain duration of one or two months. They require a monthly review, to replace some extensions, but if any of them falls down, it is not noticeable so maintenance is very easy.

Nail Powders and Gels

To decorate hands easily and spectacularly, performing attractive decorations in a very short time. Gels are applied in the same way as varnish, with 2 minutes dry in wood lamp. Powders allow performing decorations in three dimensions and beautiful French manicure in different tones.

Make-up for body painting

Wide range of body make-up, more intense, with longer duration and 34 different tones. On one hand, FXAguacolores, in matte, pearly and neon. On the other hand, FXSupracolores, water resistant and sweat resistant, ideal to make up prosthesis.

Make-up briefcase

For the good make-up artist to have always his work tools ready, Cazcarra offers a wide variety of auxiliary bags and briefcases with fold out trays to occupy the least possible space.