Cazcarra Image Group Ten Image features a look that will not go unnoticed in the next 2009/2010 Autumn-Winter Fashion collection. 
Cazcarra Image Group Ten Image features a look that will not go unnoticed in the next 2009/2010 Autumn-Winter Fashion collection.
With the title “Night Seduction” Cazcarra Image Group’s offer is for an extremely seductive and provocative woman, ready to win upon sunset.
…Self-confident, with firm steps and straight posture. A woman who knows that she awakens passions and is proud of it. 
…Her image is also her attitude: Reassuring and triumphant.

Lighting Up Concealer
It eliminates the lines of expression and tiredness.  Its lightening particles make it perfect to diffuse rings under the eyes and give light to the look.  It can be used before or after make-up and is also good to give finishing touches during the day.  Water-resistant, fast-dry, long duration, with Vitamin E and C.

Smoke Eyes Harmony … THE NIGHT IN YOUR EYES
Harmony of black, grey and white colors that will achieve a magnetic, deep and sensual look. Its pigments are diffused easily to get different intensities and gradients.  Long duration and permanence.
Extra Long and Seduction XL mascara  
The new application brushes exceptionally curl and make the eyelashes longer.  Water resistant, guaranteed duration, Seduction XL mascara gets a bigger volume of the eyelashes, while Extra Long achieves spectacular length; both with no sticking.

Magic Eyes Bright Mascara and Eye Liner 
Versatile product to be used as eyelashes mascara or as eye-liner. Ideal for sophisticated finishes and party make-up. It enables application of several layers to increase intensity of brightness and reflections
Lip Gloss STAR  

Exceptionally glossy lip gloss and long duration wet effect. It can be used directly on the lips or after prior application of lipstick. Soft and emollient texture, with vitamin E to preserve hydration of the skin.
Very powerful fashion colors, not suitable for shy women. Its formula allows make up of lips in one trace, with no dispersion of the product.  Long duration, with vitamin E as anti-aging antioxidant.
Long-Lasting Nail Polish
With super resistant formula, these nail polishes have guaranteed long permanence. Its texture allows well covered finish with no lines, and the brush makes an easier application, simple and comfortable.