This year Cazcarra Image Group has presented  a new body cosmetic line TEN IMAGE. Our new cosmetic products are of high quality and allow to realize effective treatments in cabine and care at home.

These products are free of parabens and formulated with hypoallergenic perfumes, easy to apply and with work methodology for best results.

With the arrival of warmer weather, the REDUCING TREATMENT is one of the most demanded. The active ingredients of the products, which are part of this draining, reducing treatment, favor the elimination of liquid retention.

The new reducing treatment of the TEN IMAGE line helps you to reduce the extra centimetres. We put at your disposal a complete treatment that makes a lipolytic action, draining and firming, with great effectiveness.

Its essential components of caffeine, carnitine, hyaluronidase, fucus and ivy, will help you get the figure you always wanted. This treatment has a thermo wrap, sea mud and seaweed concentrate to provide visible results from the first session, and is complemented by a molding cream with hyaluronidase, ivy extract and sweet almond oil for the care at home.

Get the figure you want
Feel good from the first session