TEN IMAGE brings about a range of full colour products brimming with optimism for this Spring. We have developed versatile products with easily combinable tones, which make possible creating a design for each occasion, from the most natural to the most daring. Heat is around the corner and TEN IMAGE invites you to enjoy the characteristic coolness and happiness of the season. TEN IMAGE dress you up as joy. Enjoy life in colours!
Now we are going to present ¡Life in colours! products:

Oxygenating serum
It is formulated with coenzyme Q10. It oxygenates the skin and works as antioxidant, providing vitality and improving texture and appearance. It contains mint and eucalyptus essential oils to refresh the skin and stimulate the peripheral microcirculation. It delays wrinkling and ageing in general.   

All Over Make-up
It is a very light and comfortable mineral powder.
Thanks to its homogeneous finish and versatile coverage, it can also be used as make-up foundation, terracotta or eyeshadow. It provides a natural glow.    
It is suitable for all skin types.

Elegance Eyeshadow
Natural eyeshadow with neither oppressive nor artificial constituents. It is a formulation with a high level of achievement and adherence, it has a pleasant texture and it is easy to shade and mix up. Its elegant design and the contrast and harmony between the tonalities make it unique.  
The bright colours with both soft and flashy tones can be combined for any event. It gives a touch of colour to your look and provides elegance, nerve and sophistication. You are not going to go unnoticed.
Colours: Lime green / Champagne / Pastel green / Copper

Kajal Precision
Have sharp and clearly-defined eyes. Thanks to the size, it is possible to draw uniform and precise strokes making the most of the product. It is not greasy and has a smooth texture. It protects your eyes from intense lights and has anti-oxidant effects.

Perfect Eye Liner
Have intensive and magnetic eyes with a single stroke. It is a fluid eye liner, ideal for thin, marked and defined lines. Bright finish. Easy to apply.

Gloss Ultra Volume
It is a lip gloss which enhances the lip volume. Its specific formulation improves lip microcirculation providing sensuality to your appearance. Bright colours.  
A slight tickly feeling indicates the volume effect action.
Colours: Watermelon pink and Pastel pink.

Easy French Manicure
The easiest, fastest and most precise manicure & pedicure
Fast-dry formula of handy application. Easy to use anytime and anywhere. The tip precision makes it possible to draw neat lines and touch up French manicures in seconds.
It is a very effective tool, which allows the professional working in the top shape. Besides, it does not require having a steady hand.
It is essential to apply a layer of Top Coat to ensure the durability of the product on the nail.

Long Lasting Nail Polishes

Nails are embellished keeping their natural structure
It is a high resistant formulation which ensures the nail polish stay. The polish creates a bright colour protecting layer upon the nail. Its texture provides a covering finish with no grooves.    
The brush allows an easy and comfortable application.
Colours: Natural Pink and Coral.

¡Join life in colours!