As already customary, Cazcarra Image Group had the great pleasure to take over the make-up of the participants of the Kings Parade, which represented the beginning of the Year of books and Reading 2005.

Some 100 professionals of the Cazcarra team worked at different points of the city in order to characterize more than 1.000 people parading in this magic night.

Together with other Cazcarra professionals, MªCarmen Cazcarra, had the honour to apply the make-up to their Majesties and accompany them during the parade: this year, the Magic Kings were the politician Inma Mayol, (Melcher), the journalist, Antonio Franco (Casper) and the Severino Baita (Balthazar) participant for a long time already.

These characterizations followed the central theme of the parade and at this occasion it served to give life to diverse literary personalities who paraded in the carriages: Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, Snow-white, Puss in Boots… etc.

They paraded along 5 kilometers throughout the city, and the 500.000 people who enjoyed it, escalated it to the most popular event of the year in Barcelona.