Cazcarra Image Group presents the Diamond eyeshadow, a new product for all women who like showing an impeccable image. Diamond is the new range of TEN IMAGE professional eyeshadows, which combines metallic tonalities keeping the colour essence. Thanks to its adjusted granularity and the high nacreous pigment composition, the Diamond eyeshadow provides an exceptional splendour to your look during more time.      

The Cazcarra professional make-up range offers a spectrum of 6 colours ideal for any time of the day: gold, white, blue night, pearl grey, emerald green or copper. All they are bright and metallic tones which will give magnetism to your look. 

The new Diamond eyeshadows have a wide range of applications. Combined with your usual eyeshadow, they will bring a touch of light to your face. Apply them on the area you want to enhance to bring a special brightness to your eyes and if you want to be the night’s queen, apply them together with a good mascara to get a seductive look. Nobody is going to resist your charms.

Diamond eyeshadows are going to be your best allies for the most special parties and events. Choose the tones that best suit you and get ready to shine as never before.        

Ask for information calling 93.303.48.60 and get hold of the season must.