Cazcarra has celebrated a spectacular gala at El Molino. The emblematic theatre in Paral·lel has been filled with our clients to enjoy exclusive proposals presented by the professional product line TEN IMAGE, two essential collections if you want to go to the latest fashion, Midnight Secrets packs and Femme Fatale.

Cazcarra Group had a luxury master of ceremonies: the star Merche Sea, whose talent and natural grace has welcomed the audience like nobody in this unforgettable night. Then, Sonia Madoc has collaborated with Cazcarra Image Group and has come to present the video for her new album, «Crazy for Love», then give way to Cazcarra team professionals, who has filled the stage, as a great show, to show the styles more in the moment with the product line of cosmetics and professional makeup TEN IMAGE; unique opportunity to see the Cazcarra team in action, in a mix of talent, colour, glitter, unique creativity and showmanship. We can not forget the great surprise of the evening, the presentation of the Cazcarra perfumes, Elixir Secret Style. Cazcarra brings to market its fragrances for men and women, fresh, sexy and fun, ideal for you to succeed. Cazcarra gives you the perfume you were expecting.

During the gala Midnight Secrets, dance and music were also of the party in the Catalonia Centre of Dance which has captivated us with incredible choreographies prepared for this occasion, and also with Nika Mills who has interpreted her single “House your love” whose Cazcarra characterization and prosthesis School has participated to the promotional video .

During the Gala Midnight Secrets, we had the presence of the coolest bloggers of Barcelona and some VIP like Eric Putzbach stylist, Anthony Toffoli, Strawberry and Tous Zeus, the son of the diva Sara Montiel. Thank you very much for all the support that you have provided.

We want to thank the cooperation of Rovellats Cava, Lara Joiers Secrets of Alcove, and Traffic People and, above all, El Molino for helping us making this night possible.

The most emotional part of the show was Carmen Cazcarra starring. Cazcarra group wanted to honour the founder and director of Cazcarra Image Group in his 50 years as an entrepreneur, a great example of a woman entrepreneur who demonstrates that dreams with hard work, work and enthusiasm are realisable; A woman who has inspired generations and has left its mark on the world of personal image as one of the most important professionals in Spain.

Cazcarra is still working on new projects to keep surprising you in 2012. Follow us on social networks and do not miss any news CazcarraGroup.