Cazcarra Image Group successfully introduced its annual gala of Creative Hairdressing, for students of the Cazcarra School.
Hundreds of attendees met yesterday night in Pacha salon in Barcelona, to see directly the most creative and original hairstyles of the season, in the Creative Hairdressing Gala organized by Cazcarra Image Group.

During the event 35 models paraded with totally innovative hairstyles. The parade was divided in two parts: first, models with spectacular hair-ups paraded. In the second part, wonderful hairpieces could be enjoyed. There were a lot of hairstyles that caught the attention in the audience, from impossible hair-ups to Maria Antonieta-like hairpieces. During the act, great originality and technique acquired during these two years by the students of the Cazcarra Image Group school could be noted.

The great party was hosted by the great communicator Ferràn Adolfo. The jury was also on stage, composed by professionals of the communication area such as the editor in chief of  Vanguardia Digital S. Colomé, reporter of Catalunya Radio O.Clapès, Director of 25TV M. Rodríguez; and personal image, fashion designer Joaquim Verdú, the model and stylist Lourdes Montsalvatges and stylist Ángel Pérez, among others. They were in charge of evaluating the hairstyles presented during the gala.

Humour and fun appeared with La Juani who made everybody laugh during the event. Also, the public enjoyed musical performances by Dulce Tentación and choreography of the national representatives of Hip Hop, the band Vértigo.

The grand finale of the hairdressing night was offered by the director of Cazcarra Image Group, Mª Carmen Cazcarra, who congratulated the real stars of the act, the hairdressers, and everyone who made it possible that the gala was a true success.