The line of make up Ten Image by Cazcarra presents his reange Glamorous Look Collection as one of the most appealing options to put in practice the idea of giving beauty as a present in christmas time.

This advanced range of make up products is ideal to make a present to oneself or to another person, because it mixes the concept of sophisticated make up with a cared presentation suitable for real jewels.

Glamorous products are, for their quality as well as for their presentation, a wonderful idea to give to our most loved people.

With the Glamorous Look Collection by Cazcarra, to give glamour is already possible and it is at everybodys reach.

Which product will she like more? ¡Choose!

  • For the most mysterious looks > Sensual Eyeshadows, 2 ranges with four colours that can be combined perfectly. Shinny and velvety finish.
  • For the most sensual lips > Lipstick Long-Lasting, 6 glossy and slightly metallic colours that remain.
  • For the most expressive eyes > Long-Lasting Eyeliner, to ensure very daring eyes outlining for 24 hours.
  • For the best eyelashes > Mascara Black-Black, with a convincing black for a captivating look.
  • For the healthier face > Terra Make-up, very natural make up with a touch of sun in your skinl.