Cazcarra Image Group has created and developed, within the line of products Ten Image Professional, a new and sophisticated concept of make up: the Glamorous Look Collection.

Under this concept we have designed a series of last generation make up, really sophisticated and with the common characteristic of providing women that use them, a sensual and magical look: glamour in pure state.

Make up for an up-to-date woman, but also romantic and elegant. An active, professional, self-confident, versatile woman … that likes herself and wants to transmit her magic to people.

The differentiating secret of the Glamorous Look Collection can be found in the quality of the product, as well as the technical properties of colour, texture and finish. All this, apart from the 100% quality guaranteed by Cazcarra products.

High range presentation
Taking into account fashion in concept and product, the Glamorous Look Collection presents also a special image of distinction, according to the extraordinary characteristics it includes: packaging never seen before in the cosmetics world and an innovating communication and promotion line. Cazcarra has innovated the concept of offering high range make up, take care and present them with the delicacy of a perfume or a jewel: ideal presentation, attractive products outside and inside, to give or to be given as a present.

Glamorous Look Collection is the magic of professional make up.

Gift yourself and gift the magic of Glamour