43 were the fantastic body make up models that walked along the fashion show under the powerful lights. The public followed the evolutions of the models almost without stopping to think they were practically nude. They were dressed by a lay of hours and hours of work and imagination, and more hours of evaluation, before on the paper and preparatory photographs.

Since the moment, a group of make up artists decide to get to work, until the last brushstroke, there are a lot of things to do. To choose a topic for the design, and after to do sketches and sketches until finding something feasible to make and able to give a spark of marvel to the audience. Basic colours and complementary ranges must be chosen. To decide the details that will make the difference. To choose the hair-do of the model, to elaborate the scale modelTo persuade somebody that will be determined to present in front of the public and will hold hours and hours of make up, with no possibility of scratching herself, and near the end, without sitting down.

Make up artists and models started their work under the supervision of the Cazcarra teachers. They defined the areas and drew the shapes. They full up the spaces that had the same colour, gave shadows At the same time, the model raised her arms, legs, turned around, hold colour palettes

After the midday break to have lunch, come back to work. At 17h., a general rehearsal, adjusting the choreography.

Near 19.30, the studio Vic&Ton started the photographic session, that photographed the models once finished. In front of their lens 43 models passed, giving the best of themselves, some of them showing a surprising self-confidence, others an understandable shyness in front of so many scrutinizer eyes.

At 22:30 doors were opened to public, that had crowded the entry to the discotheque. After the speech introducing the party and the jury , the catwalk started.

Only the photographs and the souvenir of the public attendant, will remain as a show of so much talent.