Make up profession in Spain has reasons to celebrate something: the barcelonin company Special Effects DTT, headed by David Martí and Montse Ribé, won the Oscar of the Acedemy of Hollywood to the Best Make up for their excellent work in the film El Laberinto del Fauno.

As everyone knows, to win an Oscar in Hollywood is the maximum recognition that exists for a cinema professional. The fact that it is a professional from our country who has achieved this important prize, is a double success because the industry is modest and because make up activity is few developed compared to other countries that work with many years of advantage.

Bit by bit we cut down the distance, and as it is obvious, in Spain there are everytime best and more prepared make up professionals, and Cazcarra Image Group is aware of it.

David Martí also attended lessons in Cazcarra School, that in those moments, was the only training centre that offered professional make up studies. When he was very young, he already standed out by his interest, illusion and creativity of the artworks that his mind and hands developed.

From the beginning David was quite sure to what he wanted to spend his life and worked hard to achieve it. Now, with this celebrated Oscar, he has received the recognition, no more no less that from the american industry, absolutely powerful in Special Effects. It is impossible to go farest.

David Martí and Montse Ribé achievement will be an example and a encoraugement for all the new generations that also have the illusion to become a professional make up artist, and that now will see in their success a near referent.

The world of make up is living a celebration by the Oscar for El Laberinto del Fauno and all Cazcarra Image Group feel very happy for the success of David and Montse. We wish that their perseverance and professionality will be a stimulous to all spanish professionals. Congratulations.