For another year,  Cazcarra Image Group presents its Creative Hairdressing Gala, to be held on July 10 at Pacha disco in Barcelona.

This event involves the end of the learning period of students at Cazcarra Personal Image School for the two years of their hairdressing courses. For them, it is their chance to show in exclusive creations all the skills acquired during their training, not only in hairdressing, but also in the global environment of personal image.

During the parade, each student will present a hair-up and a hairpiece work. They will have also the corresponding make-up and attires, according to the chosen look, creating this way spectacular images. It is not only a simple hairdressing parade, but a parade of small works of art, that will be amazing.

It is an attractive show for all people who want to enjoy the most original creations. On the whole, more than 40 hairdressing works of the highest quality will  parade on Pacha runway. Also, the event will have musical performances and many other surprises.

What are you waiting for? Come, we will be waiting for you.
Opening: 9 pm
Start of the parade: 10 pm.