Cazcarra Image Group is working in the 4thedition of Gaudíawards that puts the Catalan Film Academy. The makeup schoolCazcarra professionals have a responsibility to achieve the makeup of the actors who participate in videos to be broadcasted at the Gala on the next February 6th. There, is paid a tribute to the Catalan production of films that are competing, a total of 29 belonging to 22 categories. Among the films nominated are "Eva", Kike Maíllo, "MientrasDuermes", JaumeBalagueró, and "Bruc, The llegenda" Daniel Benmayor.

Gaudí Awards are the most prestigious awards of the Catalan film industry, currently experiencing one of its best moments. In them, he acknowledges the work of artists, directors and crew that promote Catalan art in the world.

On Monday, Feb. 6th gala attendees will enjoy the videos and experts who helped Cazcarra Makeup Academy. Do not miss the live broadcast of the Gala , TV3, the catalan regional television will broadcast.