On June 5, 2008, Cazcarra Image Group attended the great solidarity dinner offered by Ared Foundation.

The Ared Foundation works to get access to full citizenship of people with social exclusion risk fostering their independence, through training processes.

It is hard to understand, but even today, women are found with more difficulties for their reinstatement in society. that is why the Ared Foundation bets mostly on women in jails, through actions that allow them to be reinstated step by step in society.

The essential pillars of Ared Foundation are:
•    Solidarity with the most vulnerable  
•    Commitment to women
•    Criticism with obstacles in access to the people’s rights

At Cazcarra Image Group we think the pillars of Ared must be the main foundations of our society: a society committed to the most vulnerable and critical of injustice. that is way at Cazcarra Image Group we bet on social integration of women. We bet on Ared Foundation, collaborating in all its actions and events.

Because we believe we can change the world, from Cazcarra Image Group we support Ared Foundation.