Cazcarra Image Group has travelled to Algeria in an expedition organized by FIDEM, the International Foundation of female entrepreneurs. The three-day visit of the African city have served to establish links between women entrepreneurs, strengthening trade relations between the two communities and knowing, first of all, the economic situation.

FIDEM received a warm welcome in the country. Participants enjoyed a fantastic dinner in a typical traditional Algerian restaurant with Don Ismael Martin, head of «La Caixa» in Algeria headquarters , who gave a presentation on the internationalization of Catalan companies thriving in the region. In this sense, Catalan business women have learned more information of Spanish situation in the country by the hand of Spain Embassy economic and commercial counsellor, Don Jose Manuel Reyero, which gave a conceptual map of prospects, business opportunities and challenges in the field. Finally, the Algerian association AME (Algerian managers and entrepreneurs) organized a B2B meetings series between businessmen and women and entrepreneurs in both regions to develop new partnerships with each other.

This fantastic trip has served to consolidate the Spanish presence in the African country in an initiative to extend corporate influence FIDEM in the Iberian Peninsula in the world.