The Cazcarra team has been responsible of makeup and hair of the models provided by the Agency Model C & M, who have participated in the parade of Iconic Barcelona, the Hotel Vela. The room Eclipse of the building cutting edge of Barcelona is filled to see the new proposals for the brand, which brings together promising young design. Celebrities such as actors Javier Estrada, Anna Barrachina, stylist Erik Putzbach, OBK group members or former model Mireia Verdú, would not miss the exclusive event. With our participation in the parade, Cazcarra Image Group continues to support this innovative initiative of young entrepreneurs who, despite the crisis, continue to develop projects.

Cazcarra experts have made a very sophisticated makeup for the models. The smoky eyes in black and blue, they shared the stage with beautiful crimson lips, the trend in the moment. For hair, a tall tail adapted easily to the original touched models who have worn a red bulb that have caused fury anger among the public.

Iconic Barcelona offers a very feminine and urban style, with sheer fabrics garments that fit the silhouette. For evening, we dare to set the body designs, which help us to strengthen the arms of women.

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