Cazcarra Image Group has worked in the parade and children’s party organized by charity QGAT Restaurant, Events & Hotel with the brand of products to combat lice, Neositrín. The Cazcarra School of Makeup and Hair has been commissioned to look after the picture of the small models that have worn, with large endowments of professionalism, the most attractive for spring-summer of several brands of children’s clothing.

The party, in favour of ONG Active Africa obtained a great success. The smallest have been enjoying a variety of workshops, games and activities organized to spend an afternoon in different family. The event included participants from luxury designers such as Peter Aedo and Guillermina Baeza, Mayor of Sant Cugat, Merce Conesa, the player of FC Barcelona, Adriano Correia and the tennis player Albert Costa.

Once more Cazcarra shows its more supportive contributing its expertise and commitment to fulfil various charitable projects in which we firmly believe.