Cazcarra Image Group was present at the international fashion event, Bread & Butter, recently celebrated in Barcelona. It is the largest select brands fair in the world.

Cazcarra Image Group was the exclusively chosen one to perform hairdressing and make-up works for the fashion group led by Christian Audigier, in which the following brands are included: Ed Hardy(TM), Christian Audigier(TM), Smet(TM), Crystal Rock(TM) and Paco Chicano(TM).

International characters such as Madonna, Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria or Shakira, are staunch supporters of all those brands led by Audigier, who is considered the master of chic fashion in the street» and who has a long career in fashion.

Cazcarra Image Group was in charge of making-up and hairdressing the 20 models who paraded for these firms during the three days of Bread & Butter.

The initial inspiration of these works was the times of French post-war period, after Paris´ release in 1944 by the Americans. On one hand, women represent French youth of that time, and men represent the American soldiers.

In works performed by the Cazcarra Image Group professionals, great curls in loose hair could be seen, combined with make-up for young people in turquoise and bronze colors for the eyes, pink flush and lips in a very natural brown. Also, more extreme works were performed, with marked hairpieces, artificial hair applications, in different colors, eyes in strong black and lips in passion red.

The global results of collaboration were great and impeccable. A very nice experience for Cazcarra Image Group, which, having been chosen to perform this high level and visibility work, has been internationally recognized.

For the next Bread & Butter, scheduled for July, Christian Audigier is expected to have again collaboration of Cazcarra Image Group. It was announced that Madonna herself will be the image of the Ed Hardy line brand.