The distributor of the professional line of cosmetics and makeup TEN IMAGE in London is the official sponsor of the London Global Catwalk, the annually parade organized by the city to fight the spread of HIV in the world. Top models, designers, singers, actors and English celebrities will meet this Friday December 2sd , in one of the most important charity events of the city, at Castle Green Conference Centre, to fight against one of the leading causes of death in the third world.

On the catwalk parade, London supermodel, Julius Reuben, the award winner top model, Ibukun Jegde, the candidate of Guyana (South America) to Mr. World, Adam Max Prince Chung and models Nkay or Dwain Stephens. The charity initiative will also include the presence of Alasia Ballard, the successful TV show in America, America’s Next Top Model, the model Rosemary Chileshe and mannequins of the prestigious Red Ribbon agency.

The London Global Catwalk took place simultaneously in different cities and countries around the world like Miami, Lagos, Greece, Bahamas, Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago. If you want more information about the event, visit their official website,

Our commitment with the society drives us to work with charities that are organized in the world. The Cazcarra Image Group philosophy has been transmitted to all TEN IMAGE PROFESSIONAL distributors around the continent to fight, together the social inequalities which unfortunately exist today.