Cazcarra Image Group, actively participated in the international fashion event: Bread&Butter New Order.
Cazcarra Image Group participated in the most fashion event of Barcelona: Bread&Butter. An international fair for professionals, where the greatest brands introduce their most outstanding news. The purpose of this event was to empower innovation and creativity of the brands.  

Cazcarra Image Group was introduced at Bread&Butter through the casual clothing accessories brand, Aqualine. Its duty has been to support as audio-visual advertising means of this clothes brand, through very noticeable body make-up.

It is worth mentioning that body make-up use in an event like Bread & Butter is an innovative contribution by Cazcarra Image Group. The method used to introduce the latest trends is the same or more innovative than the trends themselves. that is why body make-up was used, with great success. so far, body make-up is one of the resources that are becoming stronger within the publicity world. a lot of companies bet on this visual method to empower their brands.

Models of Cazcarra Image Group had half their bodies with make-up, imitating a T-shirt with drawings of the casual accessories brand. while in the precinct, a lot of people approached the models to confirm the quick technique of this type of make-up. make -up was performed with Cazcarra products, specially the FX collection was used, mostly Aquacolor, which allows a more intense color and strength.

Promotion was quite a success, both of Cazcarra Image Group and of the brand being promoted.