At its 25th anniversary, Cazcarra Image Group has participated for the fifth consecutive year in the international trade fair Cosmoprof, which was held between 16 and 19 April in Bologna (Italy). The Cazcarra Image Group manager, Carmen Cazcarra, and our managing director, Victor Alfaro, have moved with the team of professionals to be present at this important event of image world.

Cosmoprof is the most prestigious international event in the field of Beauty, Aesthetic and Cosmetic and this year had 2248 exhibitors and received about 140,000 visitors. Cazcarra Image Group has taken advantage of the opportunity to further enhance its expansion program and network with distributors in Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Argentina, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Poland, Latvia, Croatia and Tunisia.

In this show Cazcarra Image Group has presented over 250 novelties that we have prepared this year to expand our product lines for professional in the whole area of personal image in Europe and other countries. The new line of Body Cosmetics TEN IMAGE has received a very warm welcome and our new professional make-up products have awakened interest of many visitors.

Cazcarra booth at Cosmoprof had every day with a large influx of professional public. Also, our professionals have been continuously making make-up and nails presentations that have attracted the attention of visitors and the medias covering the event. A good example is the video that Marie Claire has posted on its website which presents a work of our Creative Director, Jordi Justribó.

In our 25th anniversary we work to surprise you and offer the best of us day by day.

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