The star of the Catalan morning shows, “Els Matins”, interviewed the Creative Director of Cazcarra Image Group, Jordi Justribó,a direct link with Cosmobelleza& Wellness. The Professionals of Cazcarra shared with the wider public the morning of the trends this spring and summer. To do so, what could be better than the professional makeup Popart Beauty to show the new project of Cazcarra Group. This time, TEN IMAGE PROFESSIONAL presents a collection based on bright colors and perfect combinations, a style inspired by the woman of the 21st century that is, dynamic, optimistic and multifaceted, but with impeccable style permanently.

Cazcarra, through the years marked trends that we see in the streets and created high quality products for the skin daily care. The famous TV3 program wished to count on the leader in personal Image to see what we can do at this time of heat.

If you want to become an expert in this area, take to Cazcarra Image Group, we help you to triumph.