The creative director of Cazcarra Image Group, Jordi Justribó, went to the Badalona Radio Studios to present the make-up proposals for this festive season.

The make-up expert of Cazcarra training centres went to the Catalan Radio Station, which we usually collaborate with, to advise the listeners of the morning program “Ciutat oberta” about the tricks that are going to bring them success for such a special time. Besides, he did not forget about men: he talked about the most effective techniques special for men who want to welcome the New Year more attractive than ever.

Our best trainers give pieces of advice about image and beauty in various national media. Carmen Cazcarra, founder and director of Cazcarra Image Group, took part in colloquiums and gatherings as renowned personal image expert, as well as contributing to magazines like “Pronto” and radio stations like “Radio Nacional de España”, the Spanish National Radio.

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