Cazcarra’s Group has celebrated the Creative Hairdressing and Fashion Nails event. The Up&Down Club has joined more than 50 creations made by our students.
Our students of beauty opened the night with their nail works which dazzled the audience. Wearing an original and funny look, the models succeed with their fancy staff made by the young hopes of beauty.
Then the students of Cazcarra Make-up School presented three body make-ups, which proved their talent acquired in some of Cazcarra’s Schools.
The Advanced School of Personal Image students took this chance to make amazing tied ups and hairpieces to show the knowledge obtained in our professional school.
Fashion was present in all the works by José Rivero. The designer presented his party and black and white bridal Collection, inspired by a feminine, daring and dreaming girl who looks for new feelings in one of the most important days of her life. The runway had exceptional mannequins for this special time, the models of Cazcarra’s Group agency, C&M.
The rock band Pöker has cheered the event with the songs of their first album. Besides, the Spanish singer Sonia Madoc presented the latest summer single, Yo quiero bailar.
To assess our student’s pieces of work, we counted with experts of the beauty and hairdressing fields, like:
1.    Jesús Muñoz. Beauty Market Peluquerías’ editor.   
2.    Juan Prat. Peluquerias’ editor.
3.    Sonia López. C&C Magazine’s Tecnic consultant.
4.    Montse Pérez. C&C Magazine’s  RRPP and advertisement editor.
5.    Iván Lozano. Salerm’s representative.
6.    Antonio Pelegrín. Salerm’s representative.
7.    Dèlia Perpinyà. Esthetic Nails&Make-up’s editor.
8.    Yanina Sáez. Fasces’s Chilean school’s principal.
9.    Joan Francesc Casas. ENCO’s manager.
10.     Sergio Vizcaino. Film director.
11.     Víctor Alfaro. Cazcarra’s Group manager.
12.    Carmen Cazcarra. Cazcarra’s Group founder and manager.
The Creative Hairdressing and Fashion Nails Event was a real success. Innovation, originality and technique made these wonderful pieces of work possible.
We have been more than 25 years teaching Make-Up, Hairdressing, Image Consulting and Beauty. Up to now, more than 23.000 students have studied in our schools to make their dreams come true: become Personal Image experts.
Next year we’ll come back with more surprises and effort to keep Cazcarra Image Group being a referent all over the world.