Cazcarra Image Group participated in the Day without Smoke with a direct campaign against tobacco.

On May 29 we went to the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona, to perform our particular campaign against tobacco. At Cazcarra Image Group we think sweet can always make us cheer up and that is why we decided to support that idea for our action against tobacco. The campaign was that, per each cigarette we received from a smoker, we gave them a lollipop. And per each pack of cigarettes, we gave a T-shirt with the anti-tobacco logo and a slogan: You dare!

But the purpose of Cazcarra Image Group, was not only to give accessories, but to inform on treatments to fight this addiction. A lot of smokers decided to quit smoking in that very moment, after reading the different treatments to fight addiction and performing different tests that provide the degree of addiction to nicotine.

Our campaign was a resounding success. But the success is not for us, but for those smokers who decided to quit thanks to an anti-tobacco campaign offering a sweet in exchange for something that damages our body.

In Cazcarra we think each smoked cigarette is a minute less of stay in this wonderful world, so we have to seize it.