On Tuesday 14th of June, the program "Para todos La2" was attended by Carmen Cazcarra as an expert of Personal Image. She participated in a chat about cosmetic surgery. The manager and alma mater of Cazcarra Image Group spoke about the importance of personal image in today's society.

Carmen Cazcarra participated actively in the debate, with the plastic surgeons Esther Lliró and Andrés Trias. She provided very interesting and useful ideas to understand the world of the image more deeply. As a specialist in the field she spoke how Image Consulting contributes to the projection of personal image and how it helps us improve self-esteem and achieve success both personally and professionally.

Carmen Cazcarra is the director and founder of the High School of Personal Image Cazcarra, which has trained over 20,000 technicians in Image. She has given lectures and seminars at national and international and adviser to the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Many companies have already requested her presence in the organization of events and advice on issues of fashion and corporate protocol. She is one of the top experts in this beautiful profession, his 25 year career speaks for itself.