The Cazcarra Image Group director, Carmen Cazcarra has been an honour guest at the premiere of «Vidal Sassoon. The man who changed the world with scissors «, a magnificent reflection of the personality and professionalism of this great man, that marked a before and after in the world of hairdressing and Image.

The movie, directed by Craig Teper, collects 80 years of social revolution, cultural and sexual, during which Vidal Sassoon, a young man raised in an orphanage in London, became a key figure in the history of fashion, art and twentieth-century culture. His hairstyles, geometric style inspired by the Bauhaus, with the philosophy of «wash and wear», radically changed the appearance of women and also contributed to his sexual release.

The soul mater of Cazcarra Group, and maximum at the world of Personal Image, was lucky to meet him personally, and share their art careers when both agreed. A genius with whom he feels fully identified, as inspiring and expert in fashion and trends.

An inspiring documentary for the younger generations who dream of becoming one day the next icons of hairdressing and personal image.