The founder and director of Cazcarra Image Group celebrates 50 years in the profession and to do so, she has granted an interview to the Spanish beauty and image magazine, Vida Estética.

In it, she reviews her professional trajectory and makes us discover her intimate and personal side. Delivered businesswoman, feisty and determined, started in the profession when she was only 17 years old. After working in theatre and TV with the best national companies, she opened a Personal Image school in Spain. After more than 25 years, over 24.000 students have studied in the school, succeeding in the image field all over the world.

She confesses her courages, discipline and delivery are factors which have made her become one of the sector top experts. And thus have recognized numerous entities as the Education Ministry and Generalitat of Catalonia, which also collaborate in the design of Personal Image training cycles in our country.

Her professionalism and contribution to education have been recognized in multiple occasions. Carmen Cazcarra, the alma mater of Cazcarra Image Group, has been deservedly awarded with a working medal or Board of City Police, important distinctions in Catalonia.

Carmen Cazcarra faces this new stage being optimistic, and looking forward to develop new projects more creative and ambitious. In this moment of economic crisis, we have to take profit to sharpen the wits and work to learn and grow personally and professionally.  

If you want to read Carmen Cazcarra’s interview in Vida Estética, a little tribute to her brilliant trajectory which constitutes an example to new generation, do not miss the last number of the magazine.