For another year, the Body Make-up Gala was a success. Hundreds of people attended the Pacha salon in Barcelona to see the wonderful creations presented by the students of Cazcarra Image Group.

The gala was a show full of fantasy and originality. a unique party, where the most innovative creations of the Cazcarra students were shown. the purpose of this party was to encourage students who have studied body and three-dimension make-up. it is worth noting the great relevance being acquired by body and three-dimension make-up currently. Today, there are many companies, events and publicity campaigns that use this visual means to convey their ideas.

From beginning to end the event was quite a success. Before the opening, the huge queue of people gathered at the door of Pacha could be seen, as they waited for it to open. The party started with the Poker group performance, which was exciting for people and helped warm up the environment, for the great parade.

The Gala started with appearance of the hosts: Nazaret and Javier Martin, who animated the audience all night. They were in charge of presenting the members of the jury. A jury composed, as always, by professionals of the image world and the media. Image advisors, fashion photographers, journalists, musical producers…in charge of evaluating the individual work of each make-up.

Then, the amazing parade of body make-up was performed. more than 50 models paraded through the Pacha runway. Thorough works, that can be considered as true works of art. the models were completely naked, but make-up made them look as if they had versatile attires. but they did not only look as body attires, but, with help of hairstyles and accessories, characters were created. each model was a different character, with a different theme: From cabaret girls to tribal models, and also fantasy characters.

In the middle of the parade, the stage was filled with smoke, creating a terror atmosphere. Suddenly, inside that smoke, Fx three-dimension make-up appeared on stage. The make-up artists themselves appeared dressed as different monsters leaving people amazed.

At the end of the gala the audience was finally able to enjoy the launch of the new musical album of Sonia Madoc; as she presented one of her songs.

The grand finale was brought by the director of Cazcarra Image Group, Mª Carmen Cazcarra, who seized the opportunity to congratulate all people who made the ceremony possible. She specially mentioned the students, congratulating them for the great work performed.