Spectacular is the word that defines this Gala of Body Makeup and FX celebrated by Cazcarra Image Group. Pedralbes Centre has made the event better than ever with over 50 spectacular body makeup that have been made by the students of the Cazcarra Make up School.

Students of the Cazcarra Make up courses have seduced everyone with spectacular creations. Pieces of art of body painting in which they demonstrated all the techniques they have learned with us during these months and all the creativity, which received standing ovations from the audience. Curious, familiar and enthusiasts of Cazcarra have given a rendezvous in the Commercial Centre to be witness of this spectacle unequaled in which our students have demonstrated a high level which means that one year later, Cazcarra Image Group postulates as the reference center for anyone who dreams of becoming an expert in Personal Image. The Cazcarra Makeup School shows, once again, the talent and the creativity that has led it to be the leader in Personal Image.

It is important to distinguish the work that the Cazcarra FX courses students have presented. Impressive creations made with hyper-realistic prosthetics and lots and lots of work. Aliens, Predators, monkeys straight out of «Planet of the Apes» or mysterious creatures with which they have demonstrated all the potential of the Department of Special Effects and prestige of the Characterizations and Prostheses School of Cazcarra Group.

Sonia Madoc has been the mistress of ceremonies; she was responsible of presenting the gala, which this year has opted for a new formula. The singer has made everybody dancing with her latest single Bienvenido a la fiesta.

Body Make up and FX Gala caused a sensation. The program Connexió Barcelona of Barcelona Television was in live to see how the makeup artists ended the details of their complex work on models. Antena 3 did not miss one second of one of the most spectacular events of the year and produced a documentary of the act that we can see on the information.

It only remains to congratulate the Cazcarra students who participated in this gala and wish them luck in their new professional adventure. Thank you to the teachers’ team who provided support and helped the students to become professionals in the Make up School of Cazcarra. And finally, none of this would be possible without Carmen Cazcarra, the director of Cazcarra Image Group who, thanks to his consistency and his know-how has made the Cazcarra School leader in the world.