Cazcarra Image Group has celebrated in Pachá room in Barcelona its 20th Body Make-up Event.

The event consisted of a fashion show with 38 designs of integral body make-up. Only in few opportunities half of such a scenery can be seen. A completely artistic and organizational challenge. These make-ups were made during 10 hours of hard work by students of Cazcarra on the naked bodies of models. Make-up, frosty and jewelry were placed on these human linens to create mobile and ephemeral works of art, with their spectacular hairstyles, also directed, exclusively and handmade, by the Cazcarra professionals.

Also, the show included a nightmare monsters show, with a dozen special effects make-ups, made by students of this specialty. During a few minutes the catwalk was turned into a sample of a terror film.

On the catwalk, to the rhythm of the best music, the 38 designs passed, each of them created on a different subject and supplemented by a magnificent performance on stage by the models. The connection with the audience was complete; people applauded a lot to each model and enjoyed the colorful show.

The valuation of the judge was, facing such shapes and colors demonstration, the best it was expected. All of them congratulated the participants and showed the nice surprise they felt after watching the show. Also, the director M. Carmen Cazcarra seized the opportunity to congratulate make-up artists, models and her whole team.

After the show, the party continued in the Pachá dance floor. The attending audience could enjoy the best music, and danced with some of the impressive made-up models, who undoubtedly, were the stars of the night.