Cazcarra Image Group has enjoyed an excellent reception in the Congress of Training for Success, which was organized the last weekend in Lucena (Córdoba). Almost 250 professionals of the image world of Andalucía, Albacete and even Portugal went to the exclusive training offered by Cazcarra.
Our professional team gave master talks about business management and marketing adapted to the crisis times we are living nowadays.
Those present in the Congress of Training for Success have had the chance to enjoy vividly demonstrations and studios of new and modern techniques of esthetics, makeup, image consulting, etc. In the final show, the Cazcarra Image Group experts did fascinating works which made the audience enthusiastic and surprised with their fashion proposals autumn-winter 2011, which are being a resounding success.    
Carmen Cazcarra presented in Lucena (Córdoba) her last book: Stilism, The Personal Image Guide and she signed copies for those present in the Congress. This book is the reference manual for image professionals and for people who want to catch up with leadership through their social projection.
Cazcarra Image Group is celebrating the 25th birthday of our business plan with the philosophy which has always inspired us: sharing our knowledge, result of our wide experience as trainers and company, with all our clients and, at the same time, getting rich as well thanks to their contributions.      
In order to achieve this philosophy, the Congresses of Training for Success of Cazcarra Image Group are celebrated in different cities of Spain, apart from the several shares we have in other countries. 
For more information about the events Cazcarra Image Group is organizing, look up our agenda or call 902 300 420.