The group of Personal Image Assesment (1st year-Morning) of Cazcarra, organised a Christmas raffle to collect money for the end of year journey that the students will make next year, when they finish their studies.

The winner ticket was the same as the Christmas lottery, and as the rewarded ticket was one of the tickets not sold, students decided to donate the prize to a residence for old people (GERIATRIC RESIDENCE SANT DANIEL- 94, Londres Street) so the seniors that live there can enjoy it.

Day after Christmas raffle all the assesment group met with the prize , and song the FUN, FUN, FUN with the residents, that were very excited by the kindness and wished to the students a happy Christmas and that they pass the year with a high final qualification.

Apart from the raffle, the different groups of Personal Image Assesment (Morning, evening and Global 1st year), have thought in doing different activities: parties in discotheques, a special calendar qith images created by them, etc. In this web we will be informing you about the different events.