On Saturday, June 13, at Catalonia Ramblas hotel, the gala dinner of the 2006-2008 promotion of Image Advisory of the CAZCARRA Personal Image School was held.

Carmen Cazcarra, director and alma mater of Cazcarra Image Group, gave the diplomas and borders of the ninth promotion of image advisors.

At the presidential table, with her, there were, among other personalities, Mr. Victor Alfaro, manager of the company, Mr. Joaquim Verdú, teacher of the Style area and chief of the New PostGraduate Master in Style, personal marketing and protocol, which will be offered by Cazcarra in September, as well as Mr. Joan Hidalgo, representing the Departament d´Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

At this dinner there was also a tribute for the professional career of Mr. Joaquim Verdú and Ferran Adolfo in the fashion and communication fields, respectively.

The Image Advisor is already a profession in Spain. The image advisor can work for individual clients or companies, entities, etc. Currently, this kind of professionals work in different environments and we can find image advisors in publicity agencies, communication departments, boutiques and fashion firms, beauty and aesthetic centers, hairdressing saloons, optics, television and radio, event organization companies, protocol departments of local institutions, fashion magazines, or personnel selection companies, among many other possibilities.